Every company is built on a specific human narrative.
Once the company is born, it starts to question its identity, then it develops itself, may get married, and change its name, or get divorced, rebuild itself, doze off and then is born again….
Throughout its evolution, the corporate brand stands for a mark to shape to remain relevant and value creating.
Feldman Company was born in 2009 out of the will to coaching companies about their positioning and the engineering of a useful and attractive corporate brand, throughout an appropriate and specific expression to strenghten their presence on their markets and federate their publics.

Purpose & Expertise

Feldman Company advises medium-sized and large companies (industry, financial services, insurance,..), institutions and local authorities in their brand positioning and expression, to develop the brand awareness, the customers conquest , the new talents recruitment and the investors loyalty.

Differenciate the company
by its singular promise and style
  • Corporate brand evaluation
  • Brand platform
  • Brand design
  • Brand architecture
Make its presence sustainable
  • Brand narrative elaboration
  • Brand deployment
    (print, digital, networks,..)
  • Brand pedagogy to the employees
Develop publics loyalty
  • Experience and proofs of brand value

Work in company

Building one's brand is a tremendous exercise of reflection and mobilization at the various company’s levels. To coach it from within, allows us to integrate the fundamentals that build it and preserve a benefic external eye.
So, missions may either take place as a day to day support of the management and communication teams, or as a traditional way , through meeting and presentations.

Some collaborations

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Nathalie Feldman founded Feldman Company in 2009, after managing Havas Corporate Identity Department where she worked on (re)building strong et consistent corporate brands such as Thales, Airbus, Nexter, Korian, Croix-Rouge, Anpe, Caisse des dépôts, Natixis, Lagardere,… Nathalie Feldman is graduate of National Superior School of Design, UCLA School of Arts and Ecole du Louvre.

Partners network

To empower and develop consistent brand strategies, a trusted partners network adapted for each requirement


ADWISE/ Marketing Research Bureau

PLANET7/ Print & Digital Graphic Design Design

Beautiful & useful

Inspiring brands, creations and events.

Once again, Google understood everything…. A living and evolutive brand, showing everyday another side of its personality, but keeping the essence.

Less is more Less is a bore Robert Venturi

S.Sagmeister and total design,
the Gaieté Lyrique Building
entirely redesigned by this
exhibition about Happiness Recipies….

Hand Up.This crowdfunding website offers to San Francisco homeless people a plaform to present their project (prepare an job interview, get well dressed for it,…) and get the necessary amount of money. Offering to each one the opportunity to express and show his own personality, this site gives sound and image to people we usely see from fare away….

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